Main menu


  • Vyšehrad spicy sausage with mustard and horseradish
    120 Kč
  • Pickled cheese Camembert (Hermelin) (100g)
    85 Kč
  • Warm Prague ham with horseradich and mustard (120g)
    120 Kč


  • According to daily offer
    55 Kč

Good with Beer

  • Tartare steak (125g) with traditional garnish (4 toast,garlic)
    210 Kč
  • Pork and chicken schnitzels with with pickled peppers and cucumber (300g)
    280 Kč
  • Fried Grunion fish served with garlic sauce (150g)
    130 Kč

Pod Vyšehradem specialties

  • Old Bohemian pan for 2 persons (pork tenderloin, chicken breast,smoked bacon, potatoes dollar chips,cheese, cream sauce) (420g)
    490 Kč
  • Pork knee grilled on Budweiser black beer served with horse radich and mustard (1ks)
    260 Kč

Czech cuisine

  • Beef sirloin in cream sauce, white Karlsbad dumplings (200g)
    250 Kč
  • Beef goulash with bacon dumpligs (200g)
    240 Kč
  • Moravian sparrow, potato dumpligs, red cabbage (200g)
    190 Kč

Meals to order

  • Fried chicken breast in breadcrumbs (200g)
    150 Kč
  • Chicken medallions with bacon and sage (200g)
    160 Kč
  • Natural Chicken steak with Camembert, cranberry sauce (200g)
    210 Kč
  • Fried pork tenderloin steaks (200g)
    190 Kč
  • Pork medallions with plum sauce (200g)
    210 Kč
  • Farm style grilled loin of pork with bacon, mustard and horseradish (300g)
    290 Kč
  • Rump steak with grilled vegetables and garlic sauce (300g)
    380 Kč


  • Trout baked in butter with herbs (250g)
    220 Kč

Meatless melas

  • Fried cheese Emmental with sauce Tartar (120g)
    135 Kč
  • Fried mushrooms with sauce Tartar (180g)
    105 Kč
  • Grilled Camembert with cranberries (120g)
    110 Kč
  • SauceTartar,Ketchup,chilli sauce,garlic sauce,butter,bread
    25 Kč


  • Caesar salad with chicken breast (350g)
    185 Kč
  • Greek salad (350g)
    120 Kč
  • Mixed salad with white cheese (250g)
    90 Kč

Side orders

  • Grilled Vegetables on olive oil (peppers,egg plant,onions,zucchini,mushrooms) (250g)
    80 Kč
  • Boiled potatoes (200g)
    40 Kč
  • Mashed potatoes with onion (200g)
    40 Kč
  • Baked potatoes with rosemary (200g)
    40 Kč
  • French fries (150g)
    40 Kč
  • Potato dollar chips (200g)
    40 Kč


  • Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and homemade whipped cream
    80 Kč
  • Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
    80 Kč

Allergen labels are available on request from the staff

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